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“Far Usca, a Golden Land inhabited by Golden Peoples. Beyond jagged peaks an ancient people dwelt by the twin waters, the holy rivers Tashan and Heleph. In antiquity, they were ever devoted to only one among the true gods – for they were favored by the goddess Fate and enjoyed Her blessings. The land between the rivers was bountiful and overflowed with the fruit of the land, and the sister tribes grew envious of their wisdom and prosperity…” - A Concise History of the East, by Pelav the Maimed

The great continent of Usca is home to the eastern half of the Illanti Empire, including its territories in Elei, guarded by the twin citadels of Carrhae and Issarea. Its farther extents are also home to various tribes of the Golden Folk, who have raised up magnificent kingdoms of their own.

Usca is covered by trade routes bringing exotic goodsto the Empire from the far side of the world; however, it has also seen almost continuous war, and the wealth of its caravans must be protected by well-armed companies of mercenaries from numerous bandits and creatures of evil nature.

Imperial Provinces

There are three distinct provinces of the Illanti Empire on Usca.


Main Article: Mesounon

Mesounon is the gateway to the east, running from the Vontis to the East Marches. Its roads teem with pilgrims, merchants, and mercenaries.


Main Article: Anthisi

Anthisi is largely covered by flowered plains running between the foothills of the eastern mountains and the shores of the Akyron Sea. It is dominated by peaceful Imperial colonies, trade posts, vineyards, and ports.


Main Article: Elei

Elei is the home of an exiled people after they were driven from their ancient eastern homeland, shielded on the east by the mountains and the west by the Pelagos Sea. It is the home of the holy Oracles and several important religious enclaves.

Sovereign Nations

Geographic Features


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