Tribe of Night

The Tribe of Night is a grand alliance among the Lords of Hell.

Apocryphal lore says that the Tribe of Night are descended from the goddess Nyx of the Old World, fallen children who have become powerful masters in Hell. Other accounts claim that they sprang from the corpse of the fallen deity when the gods of the Old World died. Whatever their origins, the Tribe of Night presides over darkness and shadow both physical and metaphorical. They thrive on obscurity, mystery, and ignorance, cultivating it among mortals who fall under their sway.

Lords and Ladies

The organization of the Tribe is poorly understood, though by all accounts they present a united front against other Hellish factions and the rest of Creation. The oldest stories and documents speak of them as brothers and sisters, with lesser servants called cousins and children. There are three primary members of the Tribe of Night.

The Darkness Within

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Dajjalasa embodies and promotes secrecy and ignorance. She is said to have cursed the blind and deaf. She opposes the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom, and is a particular enemy of sages, magoi, and the Oracles.

In part, Dajallasa is credited with the relative lack of knowledge that scholars have about the Tribe of Night, as her servants and unwitting agents are responsible for destroying collections of lore, killing or maddening the wise so that knowledge is not passed on, and sabotaging those who would learn about matters arcane and spiritual. She seeks to preserve the obscurity and mystery of herself and her brethren so that they may continue to operate unopposed.

The Darkness Without

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Belphannos is a patron of nocturnal predators and bestial creatures, who seeks to topple civilization and replace it with widespread barbarism and savagery. Many tribes of Beastmen worship Belphannos as a deity, and revere his servants as totems.

Belphannos takes a personal approach to his goals, often appearing personally to lead hordes that have gathered in his name. During the Reign of the Martyr Kings, Belphannos is believed to have used the rampant chaos as an opportunity to attack Imperial lands, pillaging and burning large swathes of villages and fields.

The Darkness Beyond

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Sinebrus is the master of mystery and forbidden knowledge, driving mortals to madness. He pays little attention to the mortal world, but for his part encourages mortal to delve too deeply into matters dangerous to the mind and soul.

Methods and Motives

The Tribe of Night are not prone to direct confrontation. Even Belphannos, who delights in warfare, relies more on inspiring fear and desperation than outright assault when laying siege to an enemy. When they do physically confront an enemy, they do so under the cover of darkness, fog and smoke, or heavy stormclouds, strengthened by the physical manifestation of their domain.

The Tribe relies primarily on fear, secrecy, and manipulation to tear down the walls of civilization, knowledge, and truth. Their agents spread misinformation and seduce honest folk with lies and deceit. Every mortal that succumbs to madness or acts from ignorance is a small victory for the Tribe of Night, and every city that falls or flame that sputters strengthens their grip on the mortal world.

Servants and Resources


The courts of the Tribe of Night are a quiet, morose affair frequently functioning more as an extended network of cousins and relatives, each holding a small domain of their own somewhere in Creation. The nobility consists of primarily Lumnu and Enunasu, while Belphannos specifically has a large following of Sabsis.

The ranks of their forces are primarily filled with Ayyabas, Hamasu, and Surrati, sowing confusion, despair, and terror in the night-time. For physical conflicts they rely on beastfolk led by demonic generals.

Most Suttupari answer to the Tribe of Night, in practice if not in name, spreading nightmares among the sleeping, though the nobles of the Tribe frequently have small rookeries of Anhullu that are sent out during night storms to strike amid the wind and rain and flashing lightning.


The Tribe of Night does not have many followers among humans, particularly in civilized Imperial lands. Magoi occasionally may make pacts with Sinebrus in exchange for long-forgotten lore, and this is a particularly common accusation leveled at suspected members of the Necromancer Cults. Most long-term followers of the Whisperer walk a narrow path between madness and power, eventually consumed when they stray too far one way or the other.

Nobles, spies, and others engaged in political intrigue will occasionally make short-term deals with Dajallasa or her representatives (in fact, she rarely appears in person to mortals who attempt to summon her, and hides behind deception and false identities when she does). She generally opposes mortal attempts to gain knowledge, but may make exceptions for those seeking to hide their own skeletons or uncover the secrets of their rivals.


Belphannos has a particular following among the Khaprida and the Arvelucri, appearing to them as a deity and frequently using them as fodder in his wars on both Sanctis and other planes. Though the Arvelucri revere what he represents, his physical form is usually depicted as a massive, heavily muscled Khaprida with the horns of a ram and an aura of wild destruction and hostility.

Arvelucri who tend toward stealth or community may gather in small family units dedicated to one or more members of the Tribe of Night. Such packs haunt the untamed wilderness and are responsible for more than a few mysterious night-time disappearances on rural roads.

Tribe of Night

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