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The Third Illanti Empire is dominated by the worship of the goddess Fate, but in and around its borders are the remnants of other faiths still practiced by Imperial and barbarian alike. As religious heads of the Empire, the Oracles must contend with heretical cults worshipping debased images of the goddess as well as groups with fouler, more insidious intent.

Old World Faiths

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A host of deities said to possess the spark of true divinity dominated the Old World, worshipped by early human tribes and said to have reigned in the heavens during the infancy of Creation. The gods of the Old World still held sway during the periods of the First and Second Illanti Empires, are interwoven in the fabric of Imperial society. Their images adorn monuments and their names are ubiquitous in history and legend.

Worship of the Old Gods is now considered a rustic superstition at best and a heretical aberration at worst, though in isolated regions there are still organized cults that hold to the worship of these beings. Though the true gods of the Old World are now considered dead, someone or something embraces the worship of these groups, providing them with power and enjoying their dedication and praise.

Lords of Hell

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The Lords of Hell stand above even the mightiest demons as demi-gods and rulers of infernal realms in the Beyond. Their names are recorded in forbidden texts scrawled by the hands of maddened cultists and Magoi who braved the darkest depths of knowledge to protect their fellow mortals from the darkness that would prey upon their souls.

Minor Faiths

While most religious thought in the Illanti Empire revolves around Heaven, Hell, and the esoteric realms of the great Beyond, it is common for spiritual traditions and leaders in more isolated and primitive lands to turn to spirits of the fae and the dead that reside in the Otherworld. There are also those religious traditions that, while receiving little attention within the Empire, are widespread beyond its borders and in foreign lands.

Within the Empire, there are some Magoi, Oracles, and others with a mind for spiritual matters who may be able to know and understand the difference between the various old gods, the spirits of the Otherworld, and the demonic Hellspawn. In fact, each has its own place in the orthodox cosmology understood by the Oracles and their Imperial followers. However, it is not uncommon for common peasantry and even nobility to think of all such heathen subjects as different faces of the same forbidden evils.


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Found most frequently among the Amaer and primitive peoples on the continent Ves, druidism is closely tied to reverence for the natural world and the Wild Fae. Druidism functions like a loosely connected mystery cult, with initiated members called “druids” serving as priests and spiritual leaders – the many uninitiated people who simply follow the tenets of druidism are not called druids.

Necromancer Cults

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Necromancer cults are persistent local religions that seem to predate the Empire in origin. The earliest necromancer cults originated as a form of ancestor worship in pre-Imperial tribes revolving around the Houses of the Dead – today, they are found mostly among rural folk, often led by a charismatic magos or other mystic.


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