It is the 902nd year in the calendar of Imperial Reckoning…

Emperor Alexios Sarakostis reigns over the Third Illanti Empire from its gleaming capital, Illantion, a city that sits at the heart of the world seeing exotic caravans and bustling ports that overflow with silver and spices. In the East, his armies erect mighty fortresses to defend the sacred mountain enclaves of the Oracles, favored mystics and seers of the goddess Holy Fate. In the West, noble houses owing fealty to the Imperial throne vie with barbaric tribes of men and beastfolk among the shadows of deep forests and ruins of long-lost peoples.

Yet for all its wealth, and might, and wisdom, the Empire and its people stand ever at the edge of disaster. The noble houses are rife with corruption and cults, while rural villages in the outlands are plagued by witches and foul demons, fraying the edges of the complex tapestry that is the Illanti Empire.

Mike Sekowski


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