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Creatures of the Mortal World

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The creatures of this mortal world we know are things of flesh and blood. Their motives are those of survival and emotion, hunger and passion. Though inhuman, and often monstrous, they share with us an essential nature – they must eat and drink, they must breathe, they must sleep – and ultimately they must die as all mortal things do.

Inhabitants of the Otherworld

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The strange spirits that inhabit the Otherworld are poorly understood, for they are utterly alien in thought and in nature. The closest to us are the spirits of the restless dead, those that were once mortal but have chosen an unquiet existence instead of the final destination to which they are called. There are also the Fae, creatures that embody concepts far older than mortals can conceive – though often champions of the natural world and seemingly sympathetic to the passions of mortals, they are capricious and subtle and their motives can never be truly known.

There are also spirits of a more mysterious nature, creatures of raw magic, echoes of the past or future, and the denizens of distant realms that share no borders with our world.

Beings of the Beyond

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Those that dwell in the beyond are innately spiritual beings, caught up in the eternal struggles between good and evil – between Heaven and Hell. Some are mortal souls that have passed beyond the veil of death, others are the celestial Watchers that preserve innocence and righteousness and serve the will of Heaven, while yet others are the vile Hellspawn that feed on sin and destruction. Beings of the Beyond are tied to the virtues and vices of mortals, so while some choose to dwell on far shores and ignore mortal life, most have a keen interest in mortal affairs.


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