Sybilline Orders

Order of Mayyada
Order of the Lost
Order of Rahmai
Order of Elyonai

The “Sybilline Orders” are religious communities of women devoted to the service of the goddess Fate and Her Holy Oracles. Descended from the traditions of ancient handmaidens to the Goddess’ chosen, the Sybilline Orders act as spiritual guides and extensions of the Oracles’ influence throughout the Empire.

Authority and Organization

Administrative authority within a Sybilline Order lies with a council of sisters superior, respected ranking members who represent the interests of various communities throughout the Empire – although in some of the Sybilline Orders this council answers to one of the three Oracles in their enclaves in Elei. Outside of this general governing body, sisters are expected to defer to seniority, giving the final word to the sister who has been with the Order longer.

Most individual sisters are attached to a local spiritual community (often called a “cloister”) attached to a specific shrine or site of religious significance. A community located at a site of pilgrimage or spiritual significance is likely to be accorded more status and respect in internal matters, but a community located in a city or similar secular location is likely to have more resources and influence on the outside world. Each community within an Order has its own sister superior.

The Orders do not answer to a unifying body higher than themselves – there is no collective “Church of Fate” – and when conflicts between Orders break out (though this happens rarely), they can be long and vicious.

Character Options

Some examples of possible aspects and stunts related to Sybilline Orders. These are suitable for characters who are sisters in Sybilline Orders, or have personal connections to such an Order.


Mendicant Sister: The character is a sister in a Sybilline Order that has forsaken material wealth in favor of a life of travelling service and self-sacrifice. The character doesn’t own much beyond what she can carry on her person, but enjoys the goodwill and hospitality of most Imperial citizens, as well as the special favor of other religious orders.
Seer’s Curse: The character is afflicted with frequent visions of distant or future distress, and being particularly sensitive may be tormented by spiritual conflicts and forces. However, these visions and sensitivities may reveal special insights or allow her to channel magical forces that would normally be beyond her power.


Sister Superior: The character is a respected senior member of their Order, gaining a +2 on Resources when calling on the support of their Order.


Sisters in the Sybilline Orders often practice the mystical oaths and mysteries of Theurgy, and the most devoted among them may even spontaneously manifest the will of Heaven. As servants of the goddess Fate and of the Oracles, they hold a special reverence for divination.

Sybilline Orders

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