Noble Houses

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Bloodlines of ancient origin possessing titles and land, noble houses are extended families that pass down wealth and influence through generations. They form the backbone of political and often military power in the Illanti Empire, enforcing laws, collecting taxes, raising levies during times of war, and maintaining Imperial lands in times of peace.

Unfortunately, nobles tend to scheme and struggle with one another for ever greater heights of power, sometimes compromising the dignity of their position in society.

Great Houses

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The oldest and most powerful noble houses in the Empire. Counted among Grand Archons and Exarchs, and with holdings across the provinces, they influence the lives of Emperors and the course of nations.

Provincial Houses

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Descended from original Imperial governors, royalty, or high nobility of conquered nations, the provincial houses typically have concentrated power in their homelands. Though individually weaker, they act as a counterbalance to the might of the Great Houses.

Minor Houses

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Numerous minor houses scattered in small domains across the Empire act as vassals and allies to larger, more established houses, relying on their patrons for power and status while providing money and service in return.

Noble Houses

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