Imperial Provinces Sovereign Nations Geographic Features
Old Illant Ascelian Vales of Ystral
Mareium Istlere West Marches
Salora Lliron Vessic Peninsula
Kymbria Arvhaire Aecendim
Katharos Escomere

Brendan Deboy

Under the shroud of fog and the towering heights of old growth forests, the western continent called Ves lies east of the Bathys Sea and north of the Pelagos. Its eastern extents are part of the Imperial heartland along the channels of the Vontis and the cold Akyron Sea, while its western reaches have seen centuries of conflict between conquering Imperial generals and the retaliation of native warlords and cheiftains.

The wealth of this land lies in its furs and precious metals and the vast abundance of wood and untamed land, and the deceptive quiet disguises the frequent wars between its scattered and divided tribes.


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