The Old World

“A world of blood and bone and eyes alight with fire, of old gods and elder races; an earth in the spring of its youth and awash with beauty unspoiled by the crude endeavors of mortal men. Dangerous, and primal, and new… and lost forever save what song and memory can tell.”


Records of the ages before the foundation of the Illanti Empire are unreliable at best, and in many cases gone entirely – the victims of age and the tide of barbarism. There are only a few truths that Imperial scholars can hold to with any degree of certainty.

The First Dawn

Yet, gathered from ancient texts and the still-told legends, most sources point to the light of the sun first dawning on the world some eleven thousand years ago, roughly ten thousand years before the beginning of the calendar of Imperial Reckoning. The world in its youth was untouched by mortal hands, its virgin soil untroubled by the timeless wars raging between Heaven and Hell in the great expanse of the Beyond.

During the First and Second Illanti Empires, the cults of the old gods made much of the origins of the universe and the genesis of the world they came to know as Sanctis. This is of far less concern to the Imperial populace of today – united under the Oracles and worship of the goddess Fate, they look instead to the imminent closing of the age of Mankind and the final destination of all things.

Gods of the Old World

Perhaps spread across the cosmos in the act of creation, or perhaps a gift from ages long before the First Dawn, there was once a host of those beings who bore the spark of true divinity. These gods of the Old World descended into the world of Sanctis bestowing form and life, spirit and beauty. Today, it is said that the seeds of mortal life were already scattered across the face of the world, hidden in its secret places long ago, and raised from the depths to walk in light upon the face of the world.

In turn, the gods granted power and strength to their celestial servants, heralds, and champions – those who would one day become the Watchers.

The Betrayal

Of Those Who Came Before

The Rise of Mankind

The Old Deldari Empire

The Old World

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