The Dice

When an element of chance would serve a dramatic purpose in the game, dice are used in conjunction with a character’s skills to determine the outcome. This is usually the case when there is some sort of challenge to overcome or conflict to win.

The default assumption is that you will be using Fate dice. Each player should have a set of four Fate dice to roll (abbreviate 4dF) in order to generate a random number between – 4 and + 4. On Fate dice, a “+” equals + 1, a “-” equals – 1, and a “0” or blank face equals 0.

The total of the dice is then added to an appropriate skill to get a result, sometimes called the “effort”. This is often the final result, but characters, items, or the environment may change the result.

Alternatively, you may roll two six-sided dice (one positive and one negative, usually distinguished by color) abbreviated as “d6-d6”, and subtract one from the other. This generates a slightly wider range of numbers (-5 to +5) with more randomness in the results.

If you are playing in an online medium, you can use other combinations, such as “d4-d4”, “d5-d5”, or “4d3-8”.

The Dice

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