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Noble Houses

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Bloodlines of ancient origin possessing titles and land, noble houses are extended families that pass down wealth and influence through generations. They form the backbone of political and often military power in the Illanti Empire, enforcing laws, collecting taxes, raising levies during times of war, and maintaining Imperial lands in times of peace.

Religious Orders

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Though there is no official religious institution that stretches across the Empire, there are a handful of religious orders that provide important spiritual guidance and religious structure to the Imperial people. These religious orders function much like the competing cults within the pantheon of Old Gods during the First and Second Empires, but their authority is ensured through the oath of loyalty sworn by Emperors at their coronation to the goddess Fate and Her Holy Oracles.

Magos Circles

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Magoi are the sages, councilors, and keepers of lore in the Empire – while some serve as judges and administrators in the heart of bustling cities, others are reclusive alchemists and dangerous sorcerers. From the early days of the First Illanti Empire, like-minded Magoi typically gather in small groups called “circles” to pass down traditions and secrets. Though Magos circles do not often wield overt political power, they have a pervasive and long-standing influence on the course of history, as well as providing a wealth of information and resources related to lore and magic.


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Professional guilds of merchants, craftsmen, and other skilled laborers are an important embodiment of the Imperial middle class, and function to spread ideas, goods, and wealth through the Empire and across its borders. Guilds usually form around a thriving trade in a specific region. Guilds are usually hierarchical in nature, though based on merit, with the most power belonging to the person who can help make other guild members rich and successful. Guilds also serve to preserve and perfect the skills associated with a particular craft.


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